Tennessee, Bowling Green State tidbits

The Volunteers are making it a top priority to keep Baylor freshman Brittney Griner from dunking in their matchup tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’d want to put that in writing, myself.

Meanwhile, at Bowling Green State, former Oregon guard Tamika Nurse helped pace the Falcons to a 76-41 victory over Chicago State last night (what the hell is the pre-season WNIT?). It’s nice to see Nurse succeeding, as she was needlessly driven out of the Oregon program by former coach Bev Smith, who has proven why she is working at a YMCA now instead of coaching.


  1. I didn't know much about Nurse but I was intrigued by your item. I read up on her history at Oregon as I've also been following the controversy about Bev Smith. All I can say is Nurse truly seems to love the game and Smith is a real piece of work. I think her public passive/aggresive statement suggesting she was uncommitted proves her own lack of maturity and professionalism.

  2. Thanks, Helen.

    Anonymous, I never got why Nurse left either. And did you read what someone posted here a couple months ago about how Smith allegedly called recruit's game, "jungle ball"?