Who won the round one recruiting battle

USA Today says it’s Duke, but I’m not so sure about that. I’m thinking Baylor. And California is going to be scary, scary good starting next year.

Thanks to all who commented on yesterday’s post. Chiney Ogwumike went to Stanford, to no one’s surprise, and Daisha Simmons chose Rutgers. Like a Hoopism reader, I’m also wondering what happened with UCLA’s recruiting class, because the three they got aren’t much. There is an interesting development on the current squad, though, so stay tuned here for details when they become apparent.


  1. Could it be that Candice Brown isn't with the team anymore?

    I love Nikki Caldwell but this next class is nowhere close to Stanford or Cal's class. That won't cut it when you're trying to become competitive with the top teams in your league.

    Most of the top local girls didn't even consider UCLA. That's a big problem. As terrible a coach as Kathy Olivier was, she always got good local girls to come to UCLA. I also think she should have more closely considered her staff because they are not performing well on the local club scene.

    Compare UCLA to USC this season and I just don't get it. Michael Cooper pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

  2. Michael Cooper in his first season at USC has signed a top 10 recruting class. The five recruits, which come from across the nation, are: Len'Nique Brown, San Antonio Texas; Cassie Harberts, San Clemente, Calif.; Desiree Bradley, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Thaddesia Southall, Long Beach, Calif.; and Lauren White, Charlotte, N.C. Coach Cooper started in October, having to wait to complete his contract with the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks before joining the Women of Troy. Just imagine the talent he can attract when he has a full year under his belt and able to focus his efforts full time.
    Fight on!!