Bad news for Lady Vols, good news for Cal

Here we go again? Glory Johnson was injured in practice today. That’s one stake through my orange heart…..I don’t want another.

This year it’s only three instead of seven, but the Cal Bears keep roping ’em in.

Jeff Walz inked four for the Cards.

I checked the Rutgers page, but no news of any signings. Did they sign any players or not?


  1. The bears have done good yet again, Afure and sherbert awesome, the other pac 10 schools need to take note. Cali is stacked with talent.

  2. What in the world happened to UCLA? They got Lemberger, Gardner and Costa. Their big targets all went elsewhere. The approach might need to be tweeked because this isn't a competitive class.

  3. Don't diss on Lemberger she and her club team showed they were the best in the nation last summer, however, the bruins fell short on all the other tops they were going after, they can redeem themselves as 2011 is a much better year as far as talent so lets see it happen bruins.

  4. sass, are vicki baugh and amber gray being red-shirted this year? i figured amber would be, but i saw vicki in uniform today, which really surprised me. didn't she have off-season surgery?



  5. I had heard Baugh's return was open-ended, but I checked with my Summitt board folks just to be sure. Maria Cornelius confirmed my understanding by saying there's no timetable for her return right now.