LOOK at this tournament lineup at the HAX next weekend! All the LA areas high school-level A-teams in one place…..my head’s going to explode.

Saturday schedule here.

Sunday schedule here.

My worlds will collide a bit during this tournament, so it should be very interesting, to say the least.


  1. I don't know about avoidance – that's a pretty big allegation. I'm just saying I have vested interests in several parts of this tournament and it'll be interesting to see them play – and in one case – play against each other.

    Drama, history – it's all there.

  2. Sue just think about it – I say MD and Poly have Ba…. but why would HS want to show their hand early, it's not rocket science, talk to most coaches and they don't.

  3. The point is, whether you're playing your full roster or not, don't be a punk. Complete the tournament and accept your losses if you have them. Don't back out on another team and cheat them of a chance to play.