Harberts rumors are true

She has decommitted from ASU and now wants to sign with USC again. I have it on good authority that ESPN had the story since Friday, but held on to it for some reason.

The protocol with verbals has always been that they are your word, and you don’t go back on your word. But increasingly of late, the line of thinking with recruits and parents is that a kid has a right to change her mind?

Which do you think is right?


  1. Your word is one thing but getting that word is another thing. Coaches have used underhanded tactics to get the players to commit for years and the high volume of players transferring after a year is evidence that the process is failing. Although Turner-Thorne is not known for this, some coaches are known to tell recruits that if they don't commit on their official visit, their scholarship offer is revoked. With that kind of pressure, it's no wonder girls make bad decisions.

    In Harbert's case, she sounds like the typical high achiever, trying to please everyone but not doing what she wants. If committing to her dream school USC is being done for herself, and herself alone, more power to her.

  2. i think these kids have tons of pressure on them and its easy to get caught up in the excitement and hoopla when they do their campus visits.

    i'd much rather see them change their minds than feel they are stuck in a situation that is not going to provide them with the support they will need to succeed in life.

    maybe the ncaa should just do away with the verbals and go only by the much more binding letter of intent, which couldn't be signed until later in their senior year. hopefully, that would give them time to cool off and reflect after the excitement of the visits.

    sass, what happens now if they change their mind after they sign the letter of intent?


  3. I think this is the best spindoctor story I've ever read by the mother, she should write screenplays. Maybe the kid should have gone a little farther from her mother so she could live her own life.

  4. i think the kid needs a little lesson in making up her mind and keeping it straight. she was crapping because of what went down at sc and refused to play for cooper and company. then verbs to asu. NOW she is taking it back and wanting to go to usc again – come on…. part of going off to college is showing that you are old enough to be an adult and make a grown up decision and i just dont feel she has show she is doing this. just my two cents, so no one beat me up.. lol.

  5. Love the various opinions! I agree a little bit with each one of you.

    Yes, the recruiting game is intense, hard and heavy these days. Yes, kids have a ridiculous amount of pressure on them from an early age. Yes, it's hard as hell to know what you want when you're 17.

    Yes, you should think about it for a long, long, long time before you even verbal, much less commit. Yes, you look dumb going back to the same school and coach you decommitted from six months ago.

    Good luck, Harberts.

  6. Just to clear up the time line. Harberts decommitted from USC on April 11th. That was three days after Trakh left. At that time and for the next three weeks there was no coach at USC, perhaps just disorganization.
    One thing that never changed is the quality of the education at USC and the after graduation support of the Alumni.
    I believe her goal is to be an Oncologist(cancer doctor). I hope she reaches that goal.

    IM in OC

  7. I agree with ya Sue – just too much drama involved here, not making a visit before making her decision to ASU was really irresponsible considering the circumstances. I remember when this kid was going to commit to the bruins and then 2 weeks later it was USC.