2010 high school top 100

I don’t trust Hoopgurlz, but this is an interesting list.

I heard a rumor about number 26 today, but we’ll see if it’s true before I say anything.


  1. This is not HGs list it is ASGR printed on HG so can't blame them for that and I don't know why you wouldn't trust them as they have no affiliations unlike BB, ASGR etc who are affiliated with clubs and shoe companies.

    I also heard the rumor from someone inside USC very strange.

  2. Hoopgurlz may not officially be affiliated with shoe companies, but they support any athlete who wears Nike. I think my experience with and opinion of hoopgurlz has been well-spelled out here.

    But if the rumor is true, I'm going to give out some new awards for the fall, like flake of the season.