Big pick ups for UConn Huskies

Bria Hartley and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis have committed to the University of Connecticut. Hartley is a highly-touted senior guard from New York, while California’s Mosqueda-Lewis is only a junior this year.


  1. sorry to take this kinda off topic, sass, but just wanted to say that jess mccormick, the aussie who left the uw program to go to uconn, left there as well.

    so, everyone who was saying it had to do with tia, were wrong; all along, there were a number of us who said it was about jess. she was a june recruit and maybe she would've done well under june. but tia and geno are entirely different coaches from june. they don't coddle their players.

    i will be reporting on the dawgs this year as well. or should i say, i'll be on tia watch. 😉