Committments, and California is a gold mine

California forward Cassie Harberts has canceled visits to UConn and Oklahoma to choose Arizona State University. I don’t get it, but good luck to her.

San Antonio guard Meighan Simmons has narrowed her choices to Tennessee and LSU. (Gee, what would I pick….)

West Virginia Forward Whitney Bays has verballed to Maryland, and boy, can they use it right now.

Lookit how many of the nation’s top high school prospects are from Cali. Specifically, they’re from Orange County. Wonder what that means?

ESPN also gives us an updated tip sheet today that features some of my favorite players in Reshanda Gray and Justine Hartman.


  1. Better question is why UCLA hasn't been able to mine this gold. Thea would have to be considered the weakest of all the top players on Swish and she's the one that committed to the Bruins. Harberts, Sherbert, Engeln, etc. If the Bruins miss out on next year's class, something is very wrong in Westwood.

  2. Look at all the new Pac-10 coaches right now and Nikki Caldwell is doing the best so far. She got Markel Walker, Mariah Williams and Jasmine Dixon. USC lost a grip of players when Michael Cooper was hired, and only got Thaddesia Southall in return. Niya Butts hasn't got anyone of note for Arizona. I haven't heard that Paul Westhead has anyone outstanding for Oregon coming in, either.

    It's what happens when there's a new coach: people don't know if they can trust the coach yet. All four of them are in the midst of proving themselves.

    It speaks volumes that not one player left the program willingly in Caldwell's first year. There aren't any problems in Westwood.

  3. The argument was, why aren't any of these top Southern California girls going to UCLA? Sherbert's great uncle is John Wooden, for God's sake. Harberts was between USC and UCLA last year and they still couldn't close the deal. Engeln is a different story because the locals aren't UConn. But the reality is, none of these girls even took an official to Westwood.

    Right now, Cooper's recruiting class is better than Caldwell's. Southall is ranked and Lemberger isn't. Butts got a ranked player in Sacramento's Barnes and Westhead got a point, also from Sacramento who is also ranked higher than Lemberger.

    But the point remains: Why are so many highly ranked locals not even considering UCLA?

  4. Jasmine Dixon did more than consider UCLA, and she's the biggest thing to come out of this area in a while.

    You didn't hear anyone at UConn complaining that Diana Taurasi was from here, nor did you hear bitching in Knoxville that Candace Parker was from Chicago. Personally, I don't care where Caldwell or Cooper get their players; I'd rather see the talent level in the Pac-10 rise, which it is.

    A coach never wins. If they recruit the local talent they're accused of being homers, and if they recruit out of state they're neglecting the homestead.