Indiana survives the refs, wins game 3

Wow! So much to say about that game! I’ll begin with the negatives.

The calls in the last three minutes of the game were particularly awful. Not giving Tamkia Catchings the timeout when she called it, yet giving the Mercury a timeout in an almost identical situation seconds later was messed up. Letting Diana Taurasi get away with punching Catchings earlier in the game was unforgivable. Why in the hell has June Courteau been allowed to continue her horrible brand of reffing in the WNBA for all these years? League officials should truly be ashamed of themselves. Currently league officiating is just “bad.” A decade ago it was “reprehensible.” Changes shouldn’t take that long.

These two message boards rarely post or agree on much, but there is a “June Courteau” thread on each one tonight. Link on “The Summitt.” Link on rebkell.

Second gripe: Diana Taurasi is allowed to get away with far, far too much.

On to the ups, which far outweighed June and the horror crew.

18,000 on hand for the game!! LA’s own Ebony Hoffman ballin’ it up! Exciting game! And Catchings with a double-double. This is one of the most exciting series in a long while.

Check out this box score.

Indiana has a chance to be a brand new WNBA champion Wednesday. I hope they make the most of it. I want to see Catchings, Tully Bevilaqua and Jessica Moore, in particular, get a ring.

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  1. not to nitpik, sass, but the timeout awarded to phoenix was before the one not awarded to catch. that was what made it all the more glaring when the circumstances were taken into account. there was no way the merc had control of the ball to get a to; otoh, catch was in full control and even was signaling the 't' before a jumpball was ever called. messed up. but why are we surprised?

    it was june who was calling the dee/kd incident a 'double technical' when it was no such thing. get a grip, woman!

    donna has got to do something about the officiating. it sucks. how can she say its just fine when she's been at storm games where the refs have been autrocious. she sees it with her own eyes and still nothing seems to be done. whatever. i guess its just always rosey in her world. 🙂