Tonight’s game one thriller was the highest-scoring game in regular or playoff season in WNBA history. That box score is fascinating. On both teams, players really stepped up when a couple of their teammates were having an off-night. Wow.

If games 2-5 are like this one, we will be in for some butt-clenching.

The other day, Indiana Pacers GM Larry Bird bought out the balcony of Conseco Fieldhouse for the Fever’s final conference game. Tonight Phoneix Suns GM Steve Kerr bought out the upper level of the US Airways Center. I love these guys!

This was a big news day even before the game.

Earlier today, Diana Taurasi was named WNBA MVP.

ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel talked with Taurasi, who has been at her lowest with a drunk-driving arrest in June, to her highest now.

And the Indy Star has a beautific piece on Tamika Catchings.

The Sparks’ Tina Thompson signed a three-year contract with the organization earlier this year, but now says she doesn’t know if she will be back next year.

In fact, the LA Times report that the Sparks as a team has an uncertain future.


  1. from the link you provided about tt:

    "She said all season long that she would decide her future on a season-by-season basis."

    if that's the case, why sign a 3 year contract? nothing says she couldn't do one years; unless, its a guaranteed contract. any insight there, sass?


  2. from your link about the future of the sparks:

    "We didn't have everybody healthy and everybody at the beginning of the season, but the reality is we had everybody at the end of the season," Lennox said. "When you make the playoffs, it's 0-0. We had everybody, but we didn't accomplish our goal."

    exactly, betty. get those knees taken care of and hope you'll be around next year. a team could do a lot worse than having you in the lineup.


  3. WHAT_A_GAME!!!! no dee, no catch, cappie m.i.a. in the first half. pt off the bench hitting virtually every shot she took; kd pumping in 30? crazy good. and who is this ebony hoffman that showed up? LOL ebony was on fiyah. good to see her have a great game. and loved her post game interview.

    this is the kind of game that should convince people that women can ball! and it was on in primetime and on a channel most everyone gets. woohoo!!!

    i'm still convinced that phoenix will take the series, but if we could be treated to four more games like this, that would be heaven.


  4. scull, no insight on TT as of yet, but when I get some I'll most def let you all know.

    I think Betty will be back next year.

    I also think Phoenix will take the series, which makes me want to wretch up all my meals for the last month.

    But last night's game was good for the game.