Atlanta Dream explained

Pet at Pleasant Dreams answered my question as to why/how Atlanta is making a surge late this WNBA season. A big reason has to do with rookie Angel McCoughtry.

I shoulda known.


  1. gotta say, i was really impressed with angel's game against the storm the other day.

    i saw her in d.c. in a louisville vs georgetown game in january and if people think betty is a ball hog, well…angel had her beat by a long shot. LOL

    she finished with 20 points and didn't look like she was enjoying herself at all. plus, they had the game in hand and she just kept shooting. the ball would go to her and nobody else was going to touch it (also know as swin cash syndrome). but i put that on coach walz for allowing it to happen.

    appears as though she's settled down in that department; probably comes with playing with others who can also be offensive threats and not feeling as though she needs to do it all herself.

    or maybe its because she's learned some humility by coming off the bench. funnily enough, it seems like a good role for her. as much as mm is a doofus, it appears that she's got angel in the right mindset. or maybe its carol ross. 😉