Sparks rummage sale

Back in January the Sparks were going to have a “clean out the closet” sale of old memorabilia. Instead, they were announcing Candace Parker’s pregnancy. Tonight they finally had the rummage sale, and it was worth the wait. In fact, I thought of so many people as I was going through the piles of old uniforms – the Nikki Teasley fans (autographed jerseys) especially. There were old jerseys from the first year, when Michelle Edwards was on the Cleveland Rockers. I saw a Ukari Figgs jersey. There was a Monarchs jersey when Ruthie Bolton was still Ruthie Bolton-Holifield.

Here’s my bounty for the evening, and I’m pleased: a Swoopes jersey, an autographed Holdsclaw jersey, old Comets and Utah Starzz hats, and an autographed Candace Parker draft T-shirt that I’ve never seen before.

Thanks, LA Sparks.


  1. Holy shit, that's cool. The Garden's had a couple of junk sales, but it's the Garden, not specifically the Liberty, which means wading through a ton of Knicks, Rangers, and Radio City crap. And most of what we have had left is Sherill Baker and Ann Wauters jerseys, or stuff that doesn't come in my (admittedly large) size. Certainly nothing from other teams, OMG, Rockers jerseys.

  2. I was most def thinking of you, girl, and wishing you were standing beside me. There were truly some gems in those piles.

    Tonight I asked and they said they're going to do it again next month, i.e. they have more stuff. (!!)

  3. Any Jamile Wideman jerseys? What a bust!! Oh wait, that maybe taken wrong. What a wasted draft pick, such an overrated player.

  4. Didn't see Wideman, but did pick up quite a few jerseys of players who maybe played one season, if that. I'd ask others standing next to me who that was, and they wouldn't know.