Official visits

This thread entertains a relevant question in today’s fast world: what is the point of “official” visits to colleges anymore?

Girls are being pressured to sign with a school after the July recruiting period prior to their senior year. To wit, we’ve already witnessed several signings in the last two weeks. These days, by the time the November first signing date rolls around, many have already inked it with a school.

One of the first posters on this thread says players need to slow down, and I have to agree. The pace is out of control.


  1. You miss the point. The only binding committment is that LOI, players sign in Nov or in the spring.

    A kid can say I'm going to this school but it doesn't mean anything. Jackie Gemlos said she was going to UConn, but where did she end up at school?

    The women's game is getting dirtier and dirtier and now when a kid VERBALS, schools will still come after her, in hopes of changing her mind.

  2. Oh, a player would be stupid not to take an Offical trip. Players need to see the campus, meet the team, see where the lockerrooms are, etc.

  3. Anon 1: There were many points being made in that thread. I just cited the ones that are most significant to me, but you may disagree. You and I see eye to eye on the "dirtier" comment, though.

    Anon 2: Yes, very callous not to take the official visit. I can't even imagine.

  4. My biggest pet peeve with all these online recruiting sites and now even major newspapers is this; They think a verbal is a binding commitment between the kid and a school. I don't pay any attention to anything that says a kid has signed with a school, during the summer.

    They use "signing" too freely and in the eyes of the NCAA a kid saying they will attend whatever school, doesn't mean anything.

    Really coaches are stupid if they think a verbal from a 17-18 year old kid is meaningful. Kids that age change their minds as often as they change their clothes.

  5. I agree, though people are starting to treat verbals as just as good as a signing.

    On the greed tip: One of my kids, who is about to be a junior, had a great summer on her club ball team. Several coaches have outright offered her scholarships already. I told her to not rush and do her research. It seems like some college coaches are becoming car salesmen and women.