Some lil’ birds told me…….

USA Basketball tweets that the women’s U16 team arrived at training camp in Colorado Springs today. They will have two-a-day practices until they leave for Mexico City Friday, in their attempt to get the gold medal. Their roster looks something like this.

UCLA Assistant Coach Tasha Butts tweets that she “just received some great news but can’t say!” Hmmmm…..a RECRUIT?????? I really hope so.

News sources have said that Sparks Center Lisa Leslie has been cleared to play after injuring her knee June 19. Now the LA Sparks have tweeted that she will play in tomorrow’s game against San Antonio, debunking earlier reports that she wouldn’t.

Finally, I read this earlier today, but now Caltriplethreat has tweeted that Afure Jemerigbe has committed to Cal. The highly-touted guard attends St. Mary’s of Stockton, CA.


  1. Interesting, but not surprising given that I heard Lemberger had an outstanding training camp with them. She's no Jemerigbe, but she's not bad, either. The first thing she'll have to do is hit the weight room, as she's pretty skinny.

  2. Nikki Caldwell is known as a great guard coach, but Lemberger is a bit of a head scratcher. With all the great guards available, why her? I've seen her play extensively for the Vikings and although she's good, her body type won't aid her in the Pac-10. I could see her in the WCC. She had a great showing on the club scene so maybe she's really improved.

    With two undersized points like Thea and Mariah Williams, UCLA needs a bigger player like Chelsea Gray or Shoni Schimmel.