Seattle University has a new coach

Joan Bonvicini.

America is truly the land of opportunity. Pretty much every bad coach that’s ever been fired has been re-hired somewhere else: Lin Dunn, Kathy Oliver, now Bonvicini.

Bombs bursting in air, indeed.


  1. I am unfamiliar with Bonvicini as a coach…

    Are there particular reasons that you know of that she seemed to struggle in her final few years at Arizona after doing so well (according to the ESPN article)?

  2. Bonvicini struggled because one of her best players died right before the season. This was in 04 or 05. Then of course Bonvicini wasn't able to get talented players and/or those players transfered.

    Bonvicini was great during the 80's at Cal State Long Beach. But back then nobody put money into WBB.

  3. It does seem that the death of Shawntinice Polk Sept. 26, 2005, signified a change in the program. Bonvicini had been successful before then, but suddenly the entire program fell apart, for whatever reason.

  4. I really think that the death of Shawntinice Polk was a big factor in the decline of the program. Perhaps it affected Bonvincini's spirit and her ability to recruit afterwards.

    Needless to say, she had also been at Arizona a very long time and perhaps needed a change to push herself. As I've mentioned to you Sue, we tend to lose our edge after a very long time in the same job.

    I think the Seattle job should definitely spark Joan's energies.