Storm celebrate 10 years of existence

Great pics here of last night’s fan event to celebrate a decade of the Seattle Storm.

Most members of the fan-elected All-Decade Team showed up, including the beloved Simone Edwards, Kamila Vodichkova and Adia Barnes. Other players also appeared, including Astou Ndiaye-Diatta, Michelle Marciniak and Jamie Redd. Great old school picture here.

Those early days of the Storm were rough ones, because they weren’t that good of a team. And the tension between Marciniak and former Coach Lin Dunn and Redd and Dunn was legendary.

Two former players who I wonder about are Sonja Henning and Edna Campbell. I assume Henning is still practicing law, but I wonder what else she’s up to. And we haven’t heard anything from Campbell since her successful battle against cancer. I hope she’s well.

Oh, and whatever happened to Quacy Barnes?

Happy anniversary, Storm. I’ll always love ya.


  1. michelle was working the room for her new sheets line; she was handing out her business card to everyone who went past her in the conga, er, i mean, poster-signing line. 🙂

    sue told a very funny story about lin dunn that had everyone in stitches.

    last night's half-time festivities had a red carpet, and sappy music with greek columns with bb's on them. it started off with the intro of kb, who acted as emcee; ginger acklerly and her daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughter. all the gals were there.

    then the players were introduced one at a time, each receiving flowers and gifts. those who couldn't make it, tully, izi and betty all did pre-taped messages. i gotta say, i got a little teary-eyed with betty's message. very heartfelt. i lurve her.

    then to everyone's surprise, they retired jersey #6 (sandy brondello's old #) with FANS written on it. it was raised up to the rafters, where it will stay as a tribute to all the fans for the support we've shown to the team over the years. very touching.


  2. Thanks a lot for the extra details, girl – fantastic. I'm glad they got sappy, too. The Storm have come so very far from those very early days. It's been almost 10 years, but I remember them like they were yesterday.