Reaction to Jenny Boucek firing

From this piece we find that:

– Boucek is taking the spiritual approach to her dismissal, which was a surprise to her.

– She won’t seek the LA Sparks job, or any WNBA job for right now.

– Storm player Sue Bird, and possibly some Monarchs, are upset about the move.


  1. What about the stories creeping out that Jenny is an extreme right wing fundie who used her daily meetings with the team to preach her religious views. If she really did force Yo Griffith out of Seattle (and we all know the possible reason why), I'd say good riddance to her firing. Is she another Rene Portland? I'd like to hear from more of the Sacramento players.

  2. I read the rebkell thread where there are allegations Boucek talked about spirituality in the huddle during a game. Nothing else that I can see.

    What do you mean she forced Yo out of Seattle? Yo played there long after Bouceck was gone.

    Where are you getting your info?

  3. You're right, it's from Sacramento that Yo left. As for Jenny's spirituality, she and her family are members of the fundamentalist Mars Hill Church and joined the branch in Sacramento.

    Here's a brief audio interview:

    Two things of note: Her early statement that pro sports is "VERY contarian in every way to the Ways of God", and she got back into the WNBA to "show them the love of Christ."

    As a Christian and a lesbian, I've heard sermons like this before. They never come out well for me.

  4. Boucek: The WNBA is "very contrary to the ways of god"

    Moderator: "Jenny's going to get in there and try to influence these girls, who don't have a lot of godly influence."

    I see what you mean, Anon. That's some scary shit with deep implications. Wonder why this didn't come out before. Wow.

  5. Sue:

    Anon here. I wanted to add that in the interview, she says that although she'd love to win a championship, her first goal was to bring the word of God to the league. Huh? She was hired to win. Some of the ladies on her team are in their '20s and '30s and apparently felt they didn't need her spiritual advise, which wasn't what they signed up for anyways.

    The interview is only about eight minutes long but can you imagine hearing that every day when you come to work? What if you're a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. Or worse, what if you're a lesbian? I've been in the situation where someone in power gave these sorts of speeches and however old I became, it never failed to humiliate me, shame me. By her own admission, Boucek had an agenda and basketball was secondary.

    The heat Sacramento has taken for her firing has not been what I expected. At any second, I'm expecting to see her on Fox News claiming religious bias. Don't laugh, I really think it's possible.

    With her stated goals, she really doesn't belong in any coaching job except somewhere like Liberty, which isn't as outrageous as it sounds.

    I think she's just as dangerous as Rene Portland but because it's wrapped up in such a pretty package, people were willing to forgive awfully easily.

  6. I'm just still surprised by this. There was no talk of her being a christian that likes to convert people during her time at Sac.

    I agree that religious and spiritual discussions don't have any place in the work environment, whatever that is.

    It will be interesting to see if this effects people's desire to hire her, which was high a few days ago.

    Why do you think she should go to the Liberty? Just curious.

  7. Sue:

    No, not WNBA Liberty, Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Bob Jones U, I mean there are lots of Christian schools that would love to have her and she would have the environment that would be receptive to her message. I would not want her at, say, University of Washington, where she could do substantial damage to the young girls. It is my belief that she will never get that kind of mainstream position again.

    But as her interview states, she believes it's her divine mission to educate the God-less.

  8. For crap sake people, stop this BS rumor. Yes, Jenny is a Christian. Last time I checked, it's okay to be one. She DID NOT force her religion down anyone's throat and kept her pro life and personal life very separate. People are just looking for some lame ass excuse as to why she was let go because IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE. Whiz is the anti Christ.

    LOL. Seriously, leave Jenny alone. She made no secret of her Christianity but made no attempt to sway her players. Get a life.

  9. I have friends who work in the Monarchs organization and they said that Yo and Boucek didn't see eye to eye due to Boucek's spiritual meetings she insisted on having with the team. This was the reason for Yo leaving Sacramento. Don't be surprised to see Yo return to Sac sometime in the future in some kind of behind-the-scenes role, eventually coaching.
    The players didn't appreciate the spiritual meetings that were forced on them, but my source says that the meetings were scaled back this year. I guess it didn't help the team or Boucek's job!

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