A more complete list of summer club ball tournaments

The NCAA-certified list is the best.

So many good tourneys there that my head might explode.

Nice reflective pice here on the End of the Trail Tourney in Oregon City.


  1. Help I Need Some Rest!!!!( a bit long)

    I wonder how these girls do it.

    I was looking at the schedules of a few California club teams and noticed that some of the teams really push it on the players and wonder whether the teams and individuals play, during viewing period, shows it.

    Example#1: Cal Sparks Gold, Cal Sparks Black, La Jolla LAX(which is La Jolla Country Day HS) and I think one of the EBX teams from No Cal.
    All played Thursday in Oregon at End Of Trail(EOT). Their next games were Friday in Atlanta.
    According to the Cal Sparks web site the Gold and Black teams took a red eye flight leaving Portland at 10:30pm on Thursday night and arriving in Charlotte at 6:20am Friday morning, then had to change planes for Atlanta and arriving in Atlanta at 8:40am on Friday morning. The Gold and Black teams had to play at 12:40pm, just 4 hours after landing in Atlanta and most likely they didnt get out of the airport until 10am. La Jolla got a rest until 1:50pm.
    The interesting results are that Cal Sparks Gold and La Jolla both won those games, however the second game they had to play on Friday they both lost. Cal Sparks Black lost their game at 12:40pm.
    Those teams had to have been dead tired. How they won their first game was amazing, unless the matchups were really weak. The girls had to be zombies for game two on Friday.

    Example #2: Cal Swish played Thursday afternoon in Portland at EOT in the Championship Game. They took a night flight home and played Friday morning in Costa Mesa vs No Cal Elite, a verry good AAU team, then took a flight on Friday afternoon to Chicago. They have since played one game on Saturday and two on Sunday morning. So they had to play 3 game in 3 days in 3 different cities(add in sunday it is 5 games in 4 days in 3 cities). Even pro and college teams dont do that.
    Now if you are on Swish the schedule even gets more tiring.
    You finish up in Chicago and most likely fly out Tuesday night. You get Wednesday off and then many of the girls will play with their HS teams at the San Diego Classic starting Thursday and running thru Sunday(possibly 6 games in 4 days). After that you get Monday off and then fly Tuesday to Nashville for another 6 or 7 games in 4 days. Have two days off, except one day is to travel by car From Nashville to Augusta before starting the toughest tournament of the year in the Nike Nationals in N. Augusta SC.

    The Girls of Summer, they go thru a lot to get that scholarship.

    IM in OC

  2. Yes indeed, my friend, they do go through a lot. I'm well-acquainted with the schedule of one of the teams you laid out in detail there. I'm not sure how they did it either, as they left for the first tournament at 6 a.m. I think they just mentally prepare for the month of July, knowing it's going to be a bear. Nothing's going on in August, so that's their light at the end of the tunnel.

    Said team is also getting back from their weekend tourney tomorrow, and will jump right into another two-day tourney before the dead period begins Thursday. Then it's two more tourneys before the end of the month. Crazy.