Lynx updates

Minnesota Lynx Coach Jennifer Gillom answers questions in this interview.

Too bad more coaches don’t understand this:

Motivation is the key. These girls respond to the enthusiasm, the encouragement. They need that because they are so young. I also think that instruction is definitely the key because they are young, they are still learning. So you want to teach them tricks, you want to add on to their game, develop them as players.

Is it any wonder the Lynx are still doing well despite the loss of Seimone Agustus?

Meanwhile, I’m mad that no one told me Candice Wiggins was in the ‘hood recently. I would have stopped by.


  1. good for jen! not only are these players young, but they're women. in general, girls/women communicate, and react to how they're communicated to, differently than boys/men. hence, the 'men are from mars' and 'women are from venus' saying. LOL