WNBA news: Parker’s back, Agler benches stars

Candace Parker participated in her first practice today since last season. Of course the WNBA promptly posted a bunch of pics of the Sparks’ sweaty, smiling star player.

It cracks me up the way Parker refers to daughter Lailaa as “lil momma.”

In the meantime, it’s come out that Seattle Storm Coach Brian Agler benched his two stars, Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird, during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game at Staples Center in LA. I wondered why they weren’t in.

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  1. he benched them cuz we were down by so much it didn't make sense to leave them in. i don't think it was a 'you're doing crappy, take a seat' sort of benching; more of a 'we don't need you getting hurt when we have a game at phoenix in two days' sort of thing.

    of course, then in phoenix he proceeds to run them into the ground by only going 7 deep. sheesh, agler. get a bench, dude.