Epiphany Prince leaving Rutgers to play overseas

A first for women, this decision.

It’s interesting that 1. Vivian Stringer wasn’t told until today and 2. that Prince plans to use her earning to help fund a Brooklyn AAU team.

Some will decry this decision, but I can’t blame Prince. If she’s got the talent and wants to make the money, it’s her choice. She’s taking the extra steps to make sure she finishes her degree.

It will be interesting to see if other female ballers follow her lead.

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  1. Is Prince really the first girl basketball player to skip her senior year to play overseas as stated in the article? I remember a girl basketball player from the University of Virginia who left U Va. early to play for an overseas team.
    I just can't remember her name.

  2. Virginia's Schuye Larue did it prior to the 2003 draft, when she was taken by the Sparks. So technically Prince isn't the first. But she's the first big-time baller to make this decision.

  3. I wish her the best. I dont know what the right decision is and I only think Epipany can know for herself.

    However, I wonder why someone would leave school without the signed contract and how the workings of this deal came about. There is no certainty what country or team she will be with, nor how much she will make, assuming she does get signed to play.

    A point from the NY Times article:
    "The 5-foot-9 Prince, who played three seasons for Rutgers, made her decision after consulting with her mentors and her family"

    I am guessing her mentor is the coach of NY Exodus and also the coach of St. Michael Academy HS, Apache Paschall. Prince mentioned she wanted to give her AAU team money.
    Just by coincidence Apache Paschall had his club team, NY Exodus in Russia last month for a tournament.


    The same coach, Paschall, also got a 6' 4" player to come to St Michaels from the Pacific Northwest. I have heard of kids transferring in HS from public to private but mostly it is done locally, not cross country for a HS player.

    $eems like thi$ coach mu$t be a great recruiter. I hope hi$ intere$t i$ in the player$ and not $omething el$e.

    IM in OC