Oh my, Bill Laimbeer to resign as Shock head coach

As much as people claim to hate the bad boy, his swag will be missed.

Laimbeer expected to resign today

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  1. I don't get this all unless he's going to be accepting a job in the new few weeks. If so, I wish him the best, but leaving at the beginning of the season because you want to be an NBA head coach and are hoping someone offers you a job seems weak. Is something else going on here below the surface that I'm not seeing?

  2. Weak is a good word for it, Steve. The NBA season was just over yesterday. Though some will disagree, I say that if Laimbeer really gave a damn about the Shock, he'd stay at least a bit longer. I'm sure there's something else going on that we're not privy to.

  3. Another male WNBA coach leaving for a better job in the NBA. This is becoming a trend these days. Next stop: Timberwolves?

  4. "I want to coach in the NBA, and I think it was not fair to the Shock to try to coach them while my focus and passion were somewhere else." Bill Laimbeer

  5. "Laimbeer has done a tremendous amount for the WNBA. Is it tough to see him go just when the season has started? Yes. Are some fans of the league going to be irritated that Laimbeer left at this point in the season? Absolutely. Does it bring up the inevitable talk of the WNBA's financial issues? Of course. That chatter never stops." Mechelle Voepel