Jacki Gemelos has yet ANOTHER setback!

The USC guard is now out until next January, following another surgery. Is this young lady ready to call it a career? Is USC?

ACL graft replacement surgery

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  1. Isn't it time for somebody, her parents, coaches, boyfriend, anybody, to take this girl aside and tell her that basketball just isn't in the cards for her? No sport is worth risking permanent disability before the age of 30.

  2. Sometimes the heart speaks louder than the brain.
    I have to believe if she doesnt make it onto the court during the 2009-10 season she will never do it.
    Just curious, has she been attending school at SC the past few years? Wouldnt she almost be done with school?

    IM in OC

  3. The article states that she started at SC in 2006, meaning she should be a senior. She's compiled red shirt years the way Branson compiles frequent flier miles.

    There are lots of ways for her to be involved with the game but I'm certain she doesn't see any of those as options.

    Of course we don't know the extent of the injuries, but could USC simply refuse to clear her to play, the way Stanford did to Jamie Carey?

  4. why dont you all keep your comments to yourself why would you talk down about someone you dont even know. She has more talent than all of you combined let the girl play the game she loves.
    -chels 23 stockton Ca

  5. Why don't you:

    1. Read posts sooner than five months later.

    2. Grow up and quit taking things personally.

    3. Accept the fact that your friend Jackie isn't going to play college ball.

  6. for anyone who knows jacki..knows she doesn't give up easily so for all u who sit on these sites and talk about players like u know them jacki will be the one to prove u all wrong..she will play and she'll show she's one of the top players despite her injuries