Second-to-last round of WNBA cuts

The Storm waived A’Quonesia Franklin and Aja Parham.
The Mystics waived Kristin Mann and Kelly Schumacher.
The Fever waived Tan White and Danielle Campbell.
The Monarchs waived Charel Allen, Whitney Boddie and Morgan Warburton.
The Liberty waived Jessica Davenport and Lisa Willis.
The Sparks waived Ashley Paris and Marta Fernandez.

It’s sad that so many talented players are out of work. Mann and White have been around for a spell. Davenport, Franklin and Willis have their fans. And so many – myself included – were looking forward to seeing the Paris twins play against one another. I like Ashley Paris and was so hoping she’d make it.

What’s even worse is that there will be more cuts tomorrow morning, as the deadline to turn in final rosters to the WNBA corporate office is noon. The Sparks still have one more cut to make, and other teams are in the same boat.



  1. I think it underscores the difficulty of playing in the WNBA and the feasibility of a professional womens basketball league.

    Coupled with the dicey, if not questionable economics of overseas basketball, the next step after collegiate basketball could well be a different profession. Those who dreamed of playing professionally may have to find another dream.

  2. Anonymous 1: I think either Harrower or Bobbitt.

    Anonymous 2: I think it underscores a shitty U.S. economy. But people should always, always continue to dream big.

  3. gotta say, i was really surprised to see marta cut loose. i hope both she and ashley can find a home soon. ashley was kinda doomed cuz of all the front line talent of the sparks, but i think she's got a lot of upside, so i'm not too worried about her.


  4. To be honest, womens' professional basketball has never done well in the States. I was one of the few ABL season ticket holders and attended a few games at the Pyramid with under 100 fans. Without the support of the NBA as well as the terrible economy, things don't look good.

    And while I agree that people should always dream big, they also have to be realistic. This Hollywood and how many thirtysomething people out here still think they're going to be superstars while waiting tables at Canters?

  5. I've been hearing how the league is going to shut down since 2000, so forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical. I've heard that the losses the WNBA incurs are pennies compared to the revenue of the NBA, and that the powers that be like the W.