The hurtin season

The week leading up to the first WNBA regular season games is never fun, because this is when the cuts that really hurt start going down.

Kiesha Brown was waived by the Mystics today, making her the second Spark from last year (after Murriel Page) to find themselves out of work this summer. San Antonio waived Candyce Bingham, which bummed me out, as I was so hoping she’d make it. Ketia Swanier and Ashley Hayes were also let go by the Sun.

With the slim 11-player rosters this year, there will be more carnage to come, unfortunately.

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  1. i hated to see atkinson get cut loose. the first pre-season game she showed some quickness on both ends of the floor and wasn’t afraid to take it to the basket.

    i visited with her for a good bit at the stormin’ the lake event; she was a thoroughly enjoyable young woman.

    swin’s back scares me and i thought we should have kept another perimeter player, but agler obviously felt differently.

    i hope atkinson can get picked up soon and get some playing time.