WNBA mysteries

A few days ago, Chantelle Anderson reported on her twitter page that she’d been waived by the Atlanta Dream. But there’s still no mention of it on the WNBA transactions page……I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been checking every day.

So is she really waived or did they take it back? Because teammate Chamique Holdsclaw also tweeted that she would “miss telle.”

Meanwhile, across the country, the Phoenix Mercury website has been locked down. There will supposedly be a major announcement made Monday in New York, and Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondexter will be on hand. What else could it be but an ownerhip change?

Finally, I’m a little jealous tonight, because Holdsclaw twittered that the Dream’s season ticket holder event today was awesome. The Sparks had promised to have a picnic for STH’s way back when they were re-signing people in late 2008. But I guess they forgot about it like they forgot to re-schedule the January rummage sale that was cancelled when they had to announce Candace Parker was pregnant.

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  1. Mystery kinda solved? The lockdown emblem on the site is actually the logo of “Lifelock”. Rebkellers are speculating that the announcement is that “Lifelock” will be a sponsor/owner of the team.

    If this is the huge announcement, the WNBA is in bigger trouble than we thought.

  2. Talk about making a big deal out of nothing.

    This isn’t necessarily a sign of the league (I’ve been hearing that BS for 10 years). It’s a sign that the WNBA are media whores and will do anything to make something seem like news, to attract attention to themselves. And as well they should.