McCoughtry learning the ropes

“In college I could just float to the rim with ease,” McCoughtry said. “Now I have to watch my back. That’s one of the differences right there. Everybody is just as athletic as you are, so you have to use a little bit more fundamentals.”



  1. can’t you just see snow snarling that while towering over her? LOL but angel had herself a pretty good first outing against usunn.


  2. Let me put your mind at ease, scull: they are wide eyes of wonder rather than wild eyes. When interviewing her after the championship game, she was realistic and slightly cynical, but overall a nice kid. She’s just one of those people with big ass eyes.

  3. it’s good to get your input, sass, as someone who’s actually talked with the girl. for whatever reason, eyes aside, it seems angel’s been somewhat demonized and handed the lll mantle before she’s even stepped on the court professionally.

    i wish her the best and am anxious to see her play on the 10th against detroit. i did see her play against georgetown this past january and wasn’t all that impressed. but one game does not a career make. 🙂