Sparks open practice fan event – Betty Lennox (and a lil “Noey”)

I still can’t get over the change in Betty. Look at the relaxed and happy photos of her from media day Wednesday. Then imagine her dancing with Delisha Milton-Jones and Shannon Bobbitt while the rest of the team urged them on.

Coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Betty’s in a good place.

Betty returns from the sideline with a jersey prior to the beginning of the practice.

Betty looking down court……I’m lovin the new style with the braids that she’s rockin.

Noelle Quinn will make the roster, believe it.


  1. hmmm. i’m looking at pt’s emoticon and wondering if maybe you misinterpreted her intent…perhaps the sarcasm plane was flying a little too high for you to see; because, really, what person in their right mind doesn’t love them some betty? LOL


  2. yep, i missed it. i stand corrected. with that tidbit of info, i must reiterate my prior statement: what person in their right mind doesdn’t love them some betty? 🙂