Kendall Hackney wants out of USC

A reliable source tells me that Ohio forward Kendall Hackney, who verbaled to USC over a year ago, wants out of her committment. If she is granted the release, that would make two of four (former coach) Mark Trakh recruits that the Trojans have lost.

My source added that if Trakh gets the Hawaii coaching job that he is rumored to be in the running for, another recruit will follow.

Incoming coach Michael Cooper better hit the ground running.


  1. Obviously you’re talking about the Hawaii point guard. But what about Marinacci, who will probably prove to be the class of that group? I’ve heard she’s not happy either.

    Did you hear that UCLA didn’t recruit Monique Oliver? Apparently Nikki Caldwell didn’t feel she fit into the system she’s developing. At least that’s what I heard.

  2. I heard Marinacci isn’t happy but is staying.

    Didn’t hear that Caldwell declined to recruit Oliver, though, but that’s interesting. Wonder what Dixon said about Oliver?

    I admire Caldwell for sticking to a vision for her team and not simply taking Oliver because she was a top recruit.

  3. I have heard the Kendall is asking for a release in order to visit other a couple other schools. She has not met Cooper and is apparently prohibited from meeting him due to some NCAA reg. kind of like flying into this blindly. Either this is very fortuitous for USC or problematic…hard to say. One person has told me that it is the decision of the coaches and that Associate Coach M has already decided to say NO. What happens then? Do you force a kid who does not know the coaches to come anyway? I have always been lead to believe that recruiting was seriously affected by developing relationships? Are things different at USC?

  4. It happened a couple years ago at the University of Washington when Tia Jackson took over. The Athletic Department declined to let one player out of her committment, and the young woman went to the school and gave it a try. She left after her freshman year.

    Personally, I think any athletic department that changes coaches and then won’t let a kid out of the committment is selfish, sleezy, callous and greedy – not to mention despicable.

    When a kid signs a letter of intent, she’s buying into the entire program, and the focal point of that package is the coach. It’s like ordering a pair of Adidas to have them arrive with a Nike swoosh on them instead, and then the company refuses to refund your money.

    If what you say is true, why did they grant Oliver a chance to see other schools and not Hackney? That’s outrageous.

  5. I thought it was four or five players that asked for the transfer. At any rate, Dub wouldn’t permit it and the result was egg on the face.

    Arizona allegedly did the same thing this season and like the UW transfers, the girls are talking and it’s not pretty. I know Butts is a friend of yours, but if she really handled this situation as badly as is claimed, she won’t last. Although the official line is that it was mutual, the club talk is that she essentially revoked all the scholies at once without even a discussion, just a statement. I’ve spoken to two top club coaches who say that the two coaches they’d never send their girls to are Jackson and Butts.

  6. Butts isn’t a friend of mine – I’ve interviewed her twice this season. I’ve not heard bad things about her, but then again, I don’t claim to know everyone.