Lauren Jackson stays with Storm

Finally, she decides:

And it’s the right choice, too. Congratulations to Seattle Storm fans.


  1. So is she still a jerk??? I think your comments were a little rough to say the least. Surely as an athlete with a limited playing career she gets time to decide what is the best for her and what will set her up for the rest of her life when she can no longer play. I think she has well and truly served Seattle – playing despite injuries and giving her all in every game. I am glad she has decided to stay, but if she did go – she had every right to. Loyalty is a lovely notion but would she receive the same loyalty from the club if she was down on form. (I don’t think so) And anyway as most of us very proud Aussie would say- if you think she’s a jerk – she can always come back home and play where everyone knows her for who she is – a great girl who just happens to be the best player in the world.