Confirmed: Monique Oliver decommits from USC

Texas or Maryland, huh? With schools like that courting, why would she “stay local” ?


  1. Lots of girls have discovered the value of staying local, even if it means shunning higher profile schools. It’s surprising and yet, not so surprisng to read of how many girls are transferring because of homesickness.

    I don’t see much value in playing for Brenda Frese. Compare her and Maryland to Nikki Caldwell and UCLA and it shouldn’t be a question. Texas has Cokie Reed coming in.

    What about her family? I assume when they moved from Vegas a couple of years ago, they were able to secure jobs in the Southland. Would they pick up and move again in this economy to watch their daughter play on a regular basis?

  2. Why the downer for Maryland’s Brenda Frese? She has a National Championship and a consistent to 10program. Who wouldn’t want to play for her (other than the recent transfers out)?

  3. Agreed…Maryland players have consistently been selected high in recent drafts, the team has won a ton of games at a high level and they play up-tempo, exciting basketball that allows players to flourish. Seems like a great opportunity.

  4. Interesting post on the Monique Oliver situation on a Tennessee forum

    It is the post by a Jason 76 at 6:57pm on Monday night.
    It starts–
    Since my message is the one being quoted, I might elaborate. There was a meeting by the administration last week after Monique Oliver asked to be released

    Seems like some of the AD's at USC might want to take some PR courses in learning how to deal with their own players and recruits.

    IM in OC