Bout time: Holdsclaw signs with the Atlanta Dream

She’s baaaaaack:

So the torture for one WNBA team’s fans is over. Now if Lauren Jackson would just stop letting the Seattle Storm fans twist in the wind.


  1. you know, sass, if its true that the aussies are going to go home en masse next year to prepare for the wc’s, then i truly hope lj returns to seattle this season. okay, i hope that anyway; but this is our 10th anniversary and it would seem so wrong to celebrate it without lj.

    i think i could live with her never returning to the storm, if she just came back this season. 2009, storm; 2010, oz; 2011, go to phoenix, i don’t care; 2012, stay home for olympics.

    it would be a shame for her to go to phoenix this year. dammit!, i want to see her jersey retired and hanging in the rafters at the key! and we know that’ll never happen if she doesn’t come back, at least this year.

    somehow, i’ve just about prepared myself for her not returning, but crap, it hurts.


  2. I really do feel for ya, scully. And truly, I don’t understand why Jackson is doing what she’s doing. She said she’d always play in Seattle, and though people have a right to change their minds, why is she dragging it out like this? She’s got to know how hard she’s making it on Storm fans. Why is she doing it? It’s really cold of her.

    Big big hug from the Southland…..

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