More transfers: Oklahoma

Will the hemmorhaging of players from colleges never cease? Now it’s two Sooner bench players:

Like the Maryland transfers, I don’t get it. These young women had to know what they were coming in behind with Marissa Coleman/Kristi Tolliver and Courtney/Ashley Paris. And now that all of the above are gone, they still want to leave?

I’d love to ask one of these players some questions, but the website of the schools won’t even put up the info yet.

I don’t know what the huge increase in transfers, especially this year, means. Is it because kids realize they don’t have to be “stuck” at a school they don’t like? Are they not giving it enough of a chance/are weak-minded? Or are they just not choosing carefully in the first place?


  1. I think calling the kids weak-minded is wrong. I think it takes a lot of courage for a kid to say a situation is not working and ask for a transfer. The coach could be just as responsible for the kid’s expectations. I’m sure there are many coaches out there that promise the world. Then the recruit arrives and finds the situation not to be as promiseed.

  2. remember how influential parents are in the decision of where their kids go to school. they see a winning program, like the coach, and see their kid on a nc. when the playing time doesn’t materialize, possibly their kid is not having fun (homesick, injured, wants more pt) and calling home complaining, or maybe the parents get pissed off cuz they were sure their kid was the next big thing!

    so there are lots of reasons why a young kid would transfer.


  3. Those are some great theories/possibilties to add, and I thank you both.

    Also, just to clarify: I was and am throwing out hypothetical theories rather than saying “this is how it is.” I’m actually posing the question: what is it?

  4. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. There is at least one player on every team that has considered or will consider transfering. Usually if they choose to stay it is because they love their teammates. And I would bet that in some way it is because of some type of clash usually with a coach that sends them packing. At least they aren’t leaving for money like coaches do.