LA-area daily names disgraced coach the “coach of the year”

So the coach of a major LA-area girls basketball program is busted in December for recruiting one, and possibly three, girls to his team. They forfeit all 14 games they’d played until then, and one girl is moved to JV. The coach’s team, Inglewood, is runner-up in their division, and the Torrance Daily Breeze names Tony Scott coach of the year.

What do you think about this decision?

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  1. Disgraceful and shows the mentality of CIF where they absolutely do nothing when someone is caught cheating – they should have never been allowed to compete in CIF.

  2. Canyon did it – it really should be automatic – if you’re in the teaching profession one knows that integrity is all you have and once that is gone, you have nothing. Coaches even if walk ons should be held just as accountable or it brings down what we are all trying to achieve in education.

  3. How the Heck could this happen….That’s not fare at all. I don’t know who picked him anyway…I think Ricky Blackmond should be Coach of the year. Even though the Lady General’s didn’t win titles this season. The team still went undeafeated in the Marine League. They went 26-4 in there season. This girls and the coaching staff worked very hard to get these girls to where they are. I’m a GENERAL to heart. But, you have to do thing fairly. Even though Long Beach Poly is our rivary school. There coach has taken that team to State 4 times and won. I would much rather see him win than coach Scott….

  4. It wasnt Canyon Springs HS it was Canyon HS of Canyon Country(Foothill League). The coach was Stan Delus and he was the one let go due to at least one girl having an address she wasnt living at.

    I cant see how you can award someone a Coach of the Year when they didnt do their job. Also, as Sue said he wasnt even the coach of the team for a few games as he sat at the end of the bench, how does he get credit for those games.

    IM in OC