Does this make Mark Trakh’s job safe? Or is Michael Cooper going to take it?

USC men’s Coach Tim Floyd is apparently about to be hired at Arizona:

Tim Floyd will be named basketball coach at Arizona, Mark Asher of Sports 620 KTAR, ESPN’s radio affiliate in Phoenix, is reporting according to multiple sources.

Floyd is meeting tonight with Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood to work out the final details of the deal and an announcement is expected Thursday, according to sources.

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The Kansas City Star has it too:

A reader theorizes that this will keep women’s Coach Mark Trakh employed at USC for at least the next year, as a search for a new men’s coach will take priority. (Trakh has come under fire this year for another disappointing season, and his expired contract still hasn’t been renewed as of yet).

I thought the reader might be right until I caught this:

USC is expected to announce today that Sparks coach Michael Cooper will replace Mark Trakh as women’s basketball coach, according to sources…….

Sparks owner Kathy Goodman was stunned when asked if she’d heard about Cooper and said she is expecting him back on the bench next season.

“Michael Cooper committed to coach us this season. He’s under contract, and we’re looking forward to winning a championship,” she said.

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Such drama! I have no idea what is about to happen.


  1. I am guessing the Michael Cooper stuff might be an April Fools ploy.

    Same guy at the Daily News has a ton of comments on SC sports

    including this from last week:
    Morning Buzz
    By Scott Wolf on March 26, 2009
    We hear women’s basketball coach Mark Trakh’s expressed interest in the Long Beach State job, which is currently vacant. That should tell you where things are headed regarding Trakh’s future at USC.

    It is the bottom item on the blog and may be gone by Thursday, but above is the full blog. There were 20 comments from readers on this blog but most were not about Trakh but rather on who makes the decisions at USC–Garrett or Dougherty and their track record in the past. There was one response which was interesting:

    A few questions that this audience undoubtedly can answer:
    Who hired Mark Trakh’s predecessor? It was my understanding Trakh was the runner-up in that hiring. True or not?
    Also, what is the knock on Trakh? Looking at the records, he’s 90-64 over five years against tougher schedules than the previous five years’ teams, which were 74-73. I know with the talent he has recruited, expectations are higher than what’s happened, but as an outsider, what is the sentiment about his performance?
    When does his contract run out?

    As for M.Cooper from the WNBA, the only way I think he would consider the job was if he knew, or felt, the WNBA would be folding due to financial reasons.

    Either way it is getting interesting.

    IM in OC

  2. Either they removed it from the blog or I’m not seeing it, but good link.

    Naysayers have tagged the WNBA for immediate collapse for ten years, so I don’t listen to that crap.

    But like you said, it’s getting veeeery interesting.

  3. This is very strange leaving everyone in limbo – maybe they are concentrating on the boys side which is typical but they have a lot of people dangling.

  4. Mark Trakh was the best thing to happen to USC women’s basketball in years. Despite injuries to top recruits, his kids played hard all the time. Given a healthy squad, he and his staff would have been cutting down the nets for the NCAA championship. With the talent they have next year, thanks to Coach Track and Jody and Derek Wynn, USC better be in the Final Four. The athletic administration
    at USC should look themselves in the mirror after this fiasco.