Brea Olinda 68, Carondelet 45

Brea won the California state Division II championship this evening. As was the case last Saturday, the Wildcats were sparked by senior guard Jonae Ervin.

Steve Fryer of said Ervin seems to run faster with the ball than without:

Jonae Ervin of Brea might run faster while dribbling the ball than without the ball. There was a play in the fourth quarter on which she got the rebound on the defensive end, and then just started dribbling downcourt. It was like watching a sprinter just pull away in the 100 meter dash. She just put so much distance between everyone behind her in about two seconds.



  1. State finals looked like a joke – at least the wood tried to come back on St Marys but the teams from socal are far better locally – the interesting factor is that the teams that recruit are clearly blowing everyone out – Poly, Brea, St Marys maybe it’s time for CIF to place them all in the same division.

  2. I know I posted this before, but I don’t understand why it has to be SoCal vs. NorCal. They should just leave it open and let it be the best team wins – no regions involved.

  3. Agree all the teams should have at least been in the same division then there would not have been so many lopsided games, whether they were from Norcal or socal – I think Calhi overrated the teams from the north as it seems only St MArys and Sacred Heart would be able to compete. Then the other normal HS teams could compete for a D2 title.