What to do if you think your daughter’s coach has violated one or more rules

Some comments here recently have indicated that some parents think the coach or coaches of their daughter’s basketball team have committed rule violations. So I’ve done a little research.

This section of the California Interscholastic Federation website serves as a resource in determining if a violation has indeed occurred:


The CIF is broken down into 10 regions, and each has a local office. I called both the City Section and Southern Section offices this morning to ask what the proper procedure is for a parent wishing to file a complaint.

A spokeswoman for the City Section office said all complaints are welcome, but only those that are signed with the writer’s legitimate name, address and phone number will warrant an investigation. She also said that the confidentiality of the letter writers will be protected in the event of an investigation. A spokeswoman for the Southern Section office said the same policies held true there. Written correspondence should be sent to:

(City Section)

Trent Cornelius, Commissioner, girl’s basketball
1545 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90017

(Southern Section)

Sharon Hodge, Commissioner, girl’s basketball
10932 Pine Street
Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2428

List of all 10 section offices:


I encourage those who feel they have a legitimate complaint to step up and say something. Don’t just complain about it on a message board or a blog. If you really feel your daughter is being cheated, you must speak out on her behalf. She’s a kid; she needs you to help her.

I believe that too many people feel like they could “never” make a difference by speaking out. But the more I’ve lived the more I’ve seen that 1. it’s amazing what you get if you just ask and 2. if you speak out and be persistent, you get places.

Finally, last night I changed my profile to include an email address where you can reach me with comments or questions. I’ve never claimed to know everything, but I’m great at finding out what I don’t know.

Don’t be nasty like some of my ninth-grade students: hoopism@yahoo.com


  1. I applaud your insight but the cif has principals on the exec board who are corrupt – The Brea principal for example is always behind rules to stop their kids from leaving once they’ve arrived and Sink doesn’t follow thro on his promises – even the freshamn forgiveness rule has an addendum that you can’t follow a prior coach – well a lot of kids have had many coaches in OC which would limit where they could go to school – if any transfer rule is to be allowed it should have no strings attached. If you check you will see it is only the SS that has the stupid rules for forming the diviisions and gets changed and seems to allow teams like Brea and Mater Dei to be put in divisions where they can win as they couldn’t in their prior divisions and these divisions are different form their boys teams. They never show how they come up with these divisions.

    That same principal knows about Sinks illegal recruiting but does nothing about it. So how is anyone supposed to think the CIF will respond when they have principals on the exec board who break the rules. To be taken seriously they need to clean house and not have these powerhouse school reps on their board.