High school playoff scores rolling in

Marlborough 63, Foothill 49

Inglewood 62, Woodridge 55

and the biggest shocker of the night:

Colony 59, Cajon 56



  1. MD 62, Edison 46, wow MD are vulnerable, had there press broken, Lewis will be in trouble against Brea as she reaches and is slow on defense, unless Kiernan hides her. Adams has to step up and score more.

    All the talk about Lewis, she will have her hands full with Ervin and Rodriguez, she’s no Marinacci and about 6″ shorter.

  2. Sorry above was correct – it wasn’t an off night – they were full on pressing with double the players Edison had in and out – Edison just broke it, Edison were winning 16-10 at 1st 1/4, then were at 30 – 32 when Samuelson picked up her 4th on a questionable call, and had to sit the remainder of the 2nd, she sat the 3rd and and only played 1:30 in the 4th before you guessed it the refs called her. It’s a shame really because Edison really had MD rattled, Kiernan gets a lot of calls but i don’t think that will happen against Brea and Ervin will burn their press and get Lewis in fould trouble.

  3. Won’t say it but as I expected Mater Dei were unable to use their press against Brea, by all accounts even the MD coaches were freaked after Thurs game but this is what happens when you play a lot of teams who don’t know you and are in fear of you – the OC is a difficult place to play everyone knows each other. Breas strength of schedule was tougher than MDs and they were overhyped on the national scene.My girl Ervin showed her stuff, hopefully she will get her due rewards. To be a great player you have to be able to play under adversity and at both ends of the court – I personally don’t think Lewis can do that – you need to model yourself on players like Marinacci and those who are carrying teams will little talent.