Last night’s Southern California state playoffs results

Division 1

Cajon 64
Perris 48

Colony 61
Chatsworth 53

Colony at Cajon Thursday

Troy 62
Canyon springs 48

Long Beach Poly 76
Stockdale 48

Troy at Poly Thursday

Divsion 2

Mater Dei 85
Garces 26

Edison 53
West Hills 41

Edison at Mater Dei Thursday

Hanford 90
Bev Hills 65

Brea 67
Mt Miguel 44

Hanford at Brea Thursday

Divsion 3

Foothill 56
Our Lady of Peace 38

Marlborough 60
Roosevelt/Fresno 42

Marlborough at Foothill Thursday

Inglewood 74
Canyon Crest 49

Woodbridge 38
Porterville 20

Inglewood at Woodbridge Thursday

Division 4

Bishops 74
St Jospeph 55

Pac Hills 61
Corcoran 20

Pac Hills at Bishops Thursday

Harvard West Lake 72
Kingsburg 29

MD San Diego 53
Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks 34

HWL at MD San Diego Thursday

Division 5

Bell-Jeff 79
Sierra Canyon 65

Fresno Christian 58
Christian Life 47

FC at Bell-Jeff Thursday

View Park 76
Vincent Memorial 23

Santa Clara 60
Coast Union 46

Santa Clara at View Park Thursday


  1. Cif is a bunch of idiots – how can the top 2 teams in the state be moved down to D2 – both teams clearly recruit, and have the local players sit their bench and bring in the cash. Time for either a full investigation or just admit whats going on and put all these schools in the same division.

  2. I have to admit that I’ve always been mystified by CIF. I’ve heard that some schools are allowed to get away with recruiting while others are penalized. But then again, I’ve never been into politics.

  3. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these top schools are recruiting, after all if they weren’t there would not be such disparity – there are several clubs out there and they compete with players from these top schools and the odd top player on the other teams but when you allow a couple of schools to get away with this type of behavior and then you have the majority not allowing it – then it becomes very obvious.

  4. And why does the CIF supposedly allow only a select few schools to get away with it?

    On a related note, I heard that a boy’s playoff game changed nights last week because the father of a major player on one team couldn’t attend on the night originally scheduled. If that’s true, it’s outrageous.

  5. C’mon sue – read the article on mens socalhoops about Pat Barret – it has been done for years, large amounts of money changing hands re players getting to certain schools, Mater Dei being the main school involved. It goes right up to the pros and it has now entered the realm of girls basketball just on a smaller scale – why does CIF not get involved – it takes work!

    Ask CIF why Mater Dei and Brea girls are in different divisions than last year – and don’t just accept there first response as they have been unable to come up with the specific numbers for the reason – real truth is that the principals wanted to win and last few years could’nt do it against Poly – they didn’t want to be in D3 their true enrollment divisions as Norcal dominates in those St Marys and Sacred Heart.

  6. It’s under Sports Agents and AAU coaches on mens forum a little ways down. It shows how some shady adults woo young athletic players with false promises.

  7. I read that too and had 2 sons play, it’s crazy the way this guy works parading around the gyms. I don’t think it’s as prevalent but there’s definitely an underlying current going on or else we wouldn’t be seeing some of these lopsided games.