Southern Section championships, March 7

Colony (white uniforms) and Canyon Springs during play.

Colony 76, Canyon Springs 59

I came in at the half, and Colony was up 35-34. But it didn’t take them long to begin breaking away. By the 5:27 mark in the third, they had pulled ahead 41-35, and they never looked back.

Canyon’s defense kept them within at least 10 until about five minutes to play, when Colony stepped on the gas. The main reasons why were senior forward Jazmyne White and senior forward/center Camille Buckley. The two made a nice tandem, switching off between outletter and scorer. White finished with 12 points and Buckley, 30. Junior guard Te’onna Campbell added 17.

Brea Olinda 62, Edison 40

Edison deserves kudos for playing with so much heart and intensity. In a smaller pond, they’d be a dominating basketball team. But in the end, they were no match for Brea, who has waves and waves of skilled players.

Brea’s Jonae Ervin is such a hustler. She finished with 12 points, and I’d love to see the rest of the stats. She was everywhere. Junior guard Kelsey Harris started going off in the fourth quarter. I counted four threes…..again, I’m looking forward to when the stats are put up on maxpreps. Sophomore Justine Hartman added 10.

Senior point guard Jonae Ervin lets another one fly, for the bucket. She finished with 12 points.

Coach Jeff Sink stands in front of Brea’s long, long bench.

Edison’s short bench.

After sending in his second complete set of reserves, Coach Jeff Sink chills in the last few moments of the game.

The game was a blowout, so normally-intense Brea Coach Jeff Sink didn’t need to yell so much. There was no Diet Coke on the scorer’s table for him, no frantic gesturing; just a few yells and a couple intense timeouts. Heck, his wife could have even come to this game.

I like the “crazy” Sink better.

I was sitting next to a teacher who knows three of the Edison players. He answered my question from last time I was at Mater Dei – he said he was told the cameras in the ceiling are used by coaches to diagram their shots. If that’s true, wow. To have those kinds of resources at your disposal……..

The cameras in the ceiling at Mater Dei. I feel better knowing they’re probably for shot diagramming than some freaky Big Brother security thing.

But wait a minute……if the ceiling cameras are for shot diagramming, what are these cameras for?

I don’t know if the security at this game was from Mater Dei, or from the CIF, but they acted like asses. To cap it off, after the game was over, they were trying to herd people out of the gym. The woman in charge of the section I was sitting in was being unecessarily rude about it, using sarcastic and mocking comments to attempt to get people to move (As a high school teacher I can tell you, this is not the way to get people to start walking).

In my younger years I would have said something to her, but last night I just gave her my most withering teacher look. She did a double-take and then looked away before looking at me again. Then she shut up. I swear to god.

(Future) celebrity sightings: Mater Dei super sophomore guard Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis.

On an unrelated note, here is a great video of Friday’s Cajon-Poly game, courtesy of a reader:


  1. Sue,
    I was there but didnt see you on the press row. There was one women there but she wasnt you.
    Judging from your pictures you were on the same side as me and I guess to my right. I was at center court about 7-8 rows up. Interesting stuff on the cameras, but when you have money for video screens, cameras should be expected too.

    MD didnt handle the crowd control well at all on Thursday night. Everyone was trying to go out the same exit they came in after the Foothill v Inglewood game while the Orange Lutheran v Notre Dame fans were trying to come in for the 830pm game. Also, I got there on Thursday around 4:15pm and there were no parking spots in the entire lot. MD had a track meet scheduled at the same time and they also had a baseball game going on. I parked on the street(luckily I knew where to go to find ez spots). But why take on a triple header CIF Final and still allow a track meet and a baseball game to go on?

    Both of Saturdays games were one sided in the 2nd half vs the games I saw on Thur and Fri nights.
    I dont understand the logic of any player that wants to play for Brea and is 11-18 on the bench in getting into the game. Your playing time is so limited to junk time. If I was a player I would want to be somewhere that I played as much as possible, even if it meant I didnt win a CIF championship. Is this the dues you have to pay to hope that you get into the top 10 by your senior year? They obviously go with the top talent anyway as Hartman played as a freshman and I remember Harris and Ervin as a sophomores.

    Will have to catch you down the road.

    By the way the state bracket are out at

    IM in OC

  2. IM,

    I appreciate your insights on those items.

    As for meeting you, I also was disappointed. It wasn’t until I got there that I realized you’d probably be looking for me on press row. I had on another one of my track suits, and I walked around a lot, but it didn’t work. Are you going to Pauley Pavilion for next weekend’s games? I’ll be there. Maybe we could meet there.

    Take care.

  3. You must have missed the excitement then as the brea principal was yelling at sink to put in his other players and they got into it on the sidelines – I think the brea parents are finally sick and tired of sink just playing his outside recruits and sitting all the hard working brea girls on the bench all 12 of them!

  4. Wow, really?

    I was engrossed at times in talking to the guy next to me – a former coach of some of the Edison players. Guess I missed that, but it’s interesting. Maybe that was why Sink was subdued at the end of the game.

    I didn’t want to say this, but when he did finally put in the reserves, I swear some of them looked like they hadn’t played in three months. I guess they don’t get much PT.

  5. 99% sure I will be there. If MD isnt playing Brea then the odds drop to 50/50.
    I have never been to Pauley but have a feeling I will be there a lot in the near future.

    I dont know where I can meet you as some of the pictures you had posted on your blog from the UCLA games shows a wall separating the seats close to the floor with the others and the ushers probably wont let you go down without a ticket. Let me know, later in the week if there is a gate or food stand near a certain gate that I can find you. Perhaps before or between one of the three games.
    Hoping for a Poly v Cajon Div 1 rematch, MD v Brea, and Foothill v anyone.

    Regarding Brea, as I said before, I dont understand the logic of player who wants to be #11-18 on the bench. I would want to play not sit and root. But I suppose they now can all buy CIF rings.
    Also, I have to look up whether Cal Poly SLO plays in the so cal area next year, as I want to see how Jonae Ervin does up a level.

    IM in OC

  6. I just noticed this from the State CIF site(page 20 of 42)regarding the CIF Championships

    Squad Size
    Squad size is limited to 20, including 15 players in uniform, coaches, trainers and stats keepers. Awards will be
    given to only the fifteen players on the official roster. The CIF will supply an adequate number of seats for your squad and coaches.

    So who on Brea and maybe MD gets cut and doesnt get an award if their team wins states?

    IM in OC

  7. IM,

    I’ve been wanting an MD-Brea matchup all season, and now even more so if we could meet up.

    As for your CIF find, I’d hire you any day as my research assistant.