Griner will be a no-show at McDonald’s All-American game?


With all due respect to Griner, anyone who would pass up a chance to play in this prestigious game should have their head examined.

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  1. They need to replace her with Layshia Clarendon, who should have been in the game in the first place and she’ll put on a better show.

  2. Now there’s a thought. I guess they haven’t finished talking about how Griner won’t be there to begin thinking about her replacement.

    With the numbers Clarendon has put up, it was also a surprise to me she didn’t make the team.

  3. Actually, McDonald’s has said Griner will keep her place on the roster and won’t be replaced in the game.

    Now her school board says she can go–all she needs is a note from her parents requesting it–but her father says it’s too late.

    Why it’s too late this week and wouldn’t have been too late last week he never bothers to explain.