What’s the deal with socalhoops.com?

No, I’m not talking about the lunatic people who post there (the only thing uglier than a miffed sports fan is a miffed parent of an athlete).

I’m talking about why their front page still carries advertisements for camps and events from 2004.

Two thousand freakin four, people. No lie.

I’ve asked why on the board twice in the last year. The first time the post was ignored, and the second time, it was taken down by the moderators. So obviously they’re really attached to those five-year-old clinics.

I don’t understand at all, but I’d like to. If anyone out there knows why the board owners continue to keep these ancient ads up, would you please let me know?


  1. Its because an overweight lawyer named Jerry Gale made the site for his son who wasnt as good as he thought, and as soon as it became apparent little Johnny wasn't a star, Jerry lost interest in keeping the site up to date. Not all was lost; Jerry Jr. went to Loyola of chicago on a partial scholarship.

    It was a shame, as Jerry was always good for a laugh with his basketball analysis, and his fellow writers were some of the finest web based writers on high school basketball circa 1997. Highly literate individuals such as Jason Day provided us with a unique insight into the layman's world of basketball.

    Now some dick riding homosexual valley girl named jack pollon moderates the board. dont say anything bad about a valley team or he will delete it!