Yup, Lisa Leslie is retiring

Though I’ve never been a Lisa Leslie fan, I will give her this, because it amazes me: she’s played a very long career relatively injury-free.

Link: http://www.wnba.com/sparks/news/Lisa_Leslie_Announces_Retirement.html

No official word on the Tina Thompson signing.


  1. I too have never been the biggest LL fan, but I respect what she meant to the game and to the LA fans. She is an ambassador of the game and little girls love her. I have an awesome photo of her with my then 9 year old niece. She was great with her. My niece, who is now 17 still has the photo (which Lisa autographed) on the wall of her bedroom.

    So congrat to Lisa for a great career. I am sure she will still be around.