Rutgers loses again

On the heels of Saturday’s loss to Tennessee, the Scarlet Knights fell to Syracuse tonight, 68-54. I have to say, I’m a little shocked. But almost equally surprising was C. Vivian Stringer’s quote from this story:

“We didn’t have anybody that came to play today, simple as that,” Stringer said. “We’ve played a very easy schedule, by and large. If the upperclassmen were doing what they should have been doing, those freshmen would have got a lot of experience. But we’re barely getting by, so I decided we’re going to win or lose the game, I’m going to play the freshmen. They don’t know what they’re doing, but I thought I’d give them a chance anyway.”

Curious – what do people think of this quote and game strategy?


  1. Daniel told me today that Stringer took away the team’s locker room privileges again this year, and that she won’t talk to the freshmen. What the hell is wrong with her?