Jasmine Dixon to UCLA

Jasmine Dixon confirmed last night that she is enrolled at UCLA and will play basketball there beginning this December.

Dixon made headlines in early December when she suddenly dropped out of the Rutgers basketball program and announced she was transferring schools. Rumors have circulated that Dixon was considering UCLA, among other schools, but no official announcement has been made.

Dixon was sporting a UCLA Bruins sweatshirt at last night’s UCLA-OSU game. She said she begins classes at UCLA on Monday, and has to sit out of play until a year after she left Rutgers, as per NCAA rules. She added that she is looking forward to joining the Bruins team.

A graduate of Long Beach Poly High School in Long Beach, Calif., Dixon guided her team to a third consecutive state title last year, was voted one of the top players in the state by coaches, and was a McDonald’s All-American. Dixon was one of a highly-touted Rutgers freshman class of five. She said she left the program because she didn’t like it there.


  1. The Kim: UCLA desperately needs some posts, but Caldwell is indeed assembling a good arsenal of guards and forwards thus far. Let’s hope she can get some more tall people to come.

    Lalana: LA is a huge city with a lot of activities and distractions. Smaller college towns tend to have the bigger crowds than big cities. The problem in LA is compacted by the fact that there’s not that much community anywhere. At least in NY you have a group that goes to St. John’s games, and your Rutgers fans. Here there is a lot of separatism and no loyalty. Finally, the LA Times sucks the big one when it comes to women’s sports coverage. They’re atrocious.