No-woman’s land

In the wake of twelfth-ranked Duke’s victory last night over fourth-ranked Stanford (WOO HOO!), tonight is the battle of the unranked teams, as no top-25 names hit the hardwood.

My UCLA Bruins take on Rice, and two of my other favorite Southwestern teams collide, as UC Riverside visits Arizona. Oregon is at Marquette. And in what could be the game of the evening, Florida A&M (4-3) is at Alabama (6-3).

Last night, Dawn Staley’s South Carolina squad beat Upstate Carolina, which I hadn’t heard of. Rebecca says they’re new.


  1. I went to Temple from 2003-07 and was there during Dawn Staley’s greatest coaching season (04-05). They just kept winning and winning. It’s still a shock that she left for South Carolina; she remains legendary in regards to Temple women’s basketball and is like a first lady in Philly.

    It’s just weird seeing “Dawn Staley’s South Carolina squad” I guess :).

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