Candace Parker sighting, college scores

CP is back in Los Angeles.

After traveling to Connecticut last week to film her ESPN spot – and god knows where else her jet-setting self went – my girl Monique spotted our superstar at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey. The Sacramento Kings are in town to play the LA Lakers, and CP was following their bus in her vehicle. Everyone pulled up in front, and CP had the luggage in the back.

I guess she is staying with fiance Shelden Williams. Hopefully someone will capture a picture of her sitting courtside during the game.


The scoreboard lists games involving the top 25 teams on its first page, and there are only five of those games tonight. Nothing major there, unless you consider Detroit defeating 23rd-ranked chronic under-achieving Georgia an upset.

When clicking on the “all scores” tab, the reader sees that 71 other games were also played today. That’s when I start contemplating (basketball) life.

I wonder what has happened to North Carolina State if Yale can beat them. (Once again, I didn’t know an Ivy League school had a team).

I see that Miami, Ohio defeated a team called IPFW. But clicking on the IPFW tab still doesn’t tell me what the letters stand for, nor where the school is (though from their schedule I am guessing Midwest).

There is a Madonna University? Well good lord. No pun intended.

Quinnipac defeated Vermont. Quinnipac? I hadn’t heard of Longwood, Kennesaw State, Wagner, McNeese State, IUPUI, Lehigh, Coker, Towson or Campbell, either.

So all this makes me wonder what it’s like to play for a small D1 school. I suppose it wouldn’t be too much different than playing for one of the Jucos I’m writing about for my other gig, as many of the top schools are in small towns. We do all tend to forget that there are hundreds of D1 schools across the country, way beyond the top 25. To all you young women out there playing for a small D1, hats off to you. And I think I have my next story idea………

Finally, I see that Seattle’s own Jacqua Williams lead her Georgia Tech Yellowjackets in beating Mississippi Valley State tonight. Way to do it, girl.


  1. Not only that, but Williams set the all-time career steals record at Georgia Tech in that win against MVSU. Williams now leads in steals in both the women’s and men’s programs.

  2. That is so good to hear!!! Wow. Major, major props to Jacqua.

    I had the pleasure of watching her compete while she was in high school in Seattle. She was incredible on the court, and even more amazing on the track. She always beat other runners by several meters – in sprints.

    I always knew she would do well in college. Is there a chance she’ll be drafted into the WNBA next year, pt?

  3. I don’t think that Jacqua will get her shot. She’s a short guard, she doesn’t rebound well (even for a guard) and she doesn’t shoot the three, although she can steal like a @#$#$%. On my prospects list, I have her as dead last out of 136 names.

    On the other hand, with GT graduating many of its seniors last year, Coach Joseph might give her a major role in the Tech offense. Someone’s got to back up Alex Montgomery, and most of the Tech freshmen list Williams and not Montgomery as the natural leader of the team – at least, according to the GT media guide.