She’s baaaaaaack!

Guess who showed up to practice in Knox Vegas today?

she's baaaaack!

Candace told the media she’s enjoying her time off, hasn’t touched a ball in a month, and she seemed happy and relaxed. She wouldn’t comment on her shoulder, but spent some time with Vicki Baugh, above, whom she is close to. (Baugh seems to be recovering well from her ACL tear, by the way).

Cappie Pondexter and some other former Scarlet Knights go back to visit their old school, too. It says a lot about the coaches and the programs they create when players go out of their way to come back and visit. It’s heart-warming.

And it’s great to see Candace with such a big smile on her face. I’m so happy she’s getting a chance to rest.


  1. ***Sue, I posted this comment elsewhere in relation to this fine photograph and thought it worth repeating especially with your fine story.***


    It looks like Dean was cracking one of his many bad jokes. It must have been funny at that moment!

    It is pure speculation on my part, but I'll bet this week's paycheck that Candace's main reason for coming to K-town was to visit with Vicki Baugh.

    The smiles on their faces tell the wonderful fun they are having. Notice the ice pack on VB's knee. You know it hurt but not some much with Candace there to encourage her.

    As Lady Vol fans of the Orange Nation, we are so blessed by these fine young ladies. I can hardly wait for Nov. 15 so I can be in TBA and yell for my LVs!!!!!

    God bless them all. God bless you & yours.


  2. Thanks so much for that, Tim. Bless your heart.

    I am so very jealous you get to be at TBA in a couple weeks. Maybe I could talk you into giving us a game report too, eh?