Dave Chappelle said it: Wrap it Up!

The Shock closed out the series today, sweeping San Antonio in three games. I was really happy for Alexis Hornbuckle – the first woman to win an NCAA title and a WNBA championship in the same year. You make the University of Tennessee and all your fans proud, girl. Seeing the pictures of her with the championship hat on was such a deja vu……

I was also happy for Taj McWilliams-Franklin. I’ve always appreciated her class, authenticity and warmth, and seeing her emotion in the closing moments today was a warm fuzzy.

The best moment of the game for me was after Becky Hammon fouled Lex hard in the closing minutes. Lex went to the floor and landed face down. I was talking to the TV but then got quiet when Lex kept laying there. Her teammates went to her and bent down. Suddenly Lex raised her left hand, her index finger extended in the universal “one minute, please” sign. Her teammates must have busted up, because when Lex finally raised her head, she was laughing too. (That’s one thing I’ve always loved about her is her sense of humor).

I’ve never been happy to see a WNBA season end before today. This has been an emotionally tiring few months, and I need a break.


This interesting interview with Candace Parker was posted yesterday on wnba.com:


She is particularly frank in this piece, which I enjoyed. Ms. Parker keeps a lot in, and I do too so I understand. But it’s nice to know that even Superwoman is human.

She admitted she’s exhausted, and says she’ll be sleeping. (Good!!)

I liked the quote about how her dad won’t even be satisfied until “her excellent is her excellent.” But this was particulary revealing:

“He knows how much I hurt after we lost and how upset I was that we aren’t in the Finals.”

Yeah. And I had wondered Friday after the MVP ceremony, when they showed her in the crowd at the game, if it was hard for her to be there. I’m sure it was.

Honestly, I still feel wistful about last weekend too. I’m pretty much OK now, but ESPN ran the video of that stupid last-second shot a few times, and I turned away. I don’t want to see it again.

It was a good year, but there’s so much to look forward to next year.

College season four weeks away………………………..



  1. Congrats to lex, great year for her.
    Haha, i was actually thinking of using that last minute sophia young footage as an intro to a CP highlight i want to do. Problem is i wasn’t around during that game, and my recording stopped at exactly the 2hr mark so the last 3 minutes or so was not recorded.
    CP had a great year though, it sounds to me like she really doesn’t want to do the surgery if she can help it. She wants to see if resting will help her Shoulder heal on its own. She probably should get a 2nd or 3rd opinion on that and have surgery if its unanimous, heal and rest up.
    Nice knowing you this season as well

  2. yeah will be following the College Season this year more closely. Right now i really don’t have a favorite team. I was rooting for Stanford and Tennessee this past season, and i even predicted the 2 teams to meet in the finals on the CP forum, and nobody agreed. Haha.

    I just like people who can play really, i don’t like to hate on players just b/c they are not on my Favorite team,( whatever team it might be)

    Glory Johnson is one Heck of an Athlete though, not only is she good at Basketball. With little training she is an olympic caliber sprinter, take a look at these:
    100-meter dash (12.25) and 200 (24.83).
    Rest of her record:

    I like Maya Moore too, she is a very humble and polite person. Despite all the hoopla surrounding her. I will expand on why i think Uconn Lost to Stanford in the Final Four on your next post.

    Don’t know how to post URL’s on this blogspot thingy.

  3. I wish I could help ya to figure out links and things, homey, yet I’m probably worse at that than you. But interesting info about Johnson, and I will take your word on Moore.

    Tonight I went through all my prospecti (plural of prospectus) from the Pac-10 and SEC, and am getting organized to write. Gotta do the ACL thing first, though…..

  4. lol, you think i don’t know the plural of prospectus? My English is pretty solid. I usually don’t type like it unless i’m writing a paper. 😉 good luck with it though.