SASS 67, Sparks 66

So painful. So very incredibly painful. I can’t even think of a word right now that matches the hurt in my gut. I’ve been sitting here for almost 20 minutes and may be able to get up in another five, I don’t know. I’m trying to visualize the Sparks locker room right now. Maybe not.

I need to get out of the house and not think about basketball until 2 p.m. tomorrow. Seriously.


Edit to add that I understand Coach Michael Cooper, Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker were very upbeat in the post-game interview. Good sign! Because if the Sparks can play well through all four quarters tomorrow, rather than collapsing in the second and third quarters……….you know.

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  1. A day after…I feel better about the game today (sunday). I think the Sparks now know the “answers to the test”. A few minor changes and they will win this game. SASS showed too much yesterday. They had to, because they were fighting for their season. LA just needs to capitalize today. Run the Stars into the floorboards.

  2. I think the officials greatly, greatly influenced the outcome of today’s game. But if you say that, all the LA haters will call you sour grapes. All I know is, the Sparks got whistled for some true mystery fouls, and Becky Hammon was allowed to get away with murder. It sucks when the players don’t decide the game.

  3. Am I wrong, or was San Antonio just killing Los Angeles with high screens? It seemed that the final quarter looked like this:

    1. Hammon carries ball.
    2. Riley sneaks into screen.
    3. Hammon advances towards bucket.
    4. Sparks defender collides into Riley chasing Hammon.
    5. Hammon, now unimpeded, shoots basket.

    I must have seen this at least three times. (Hey, if it keeps working, why stop doing it?) Was anyone communicating at all for the Sparks? You really have to chalk it up to the Sparks’s (relative) inexperience.

    Even despite that, the Sparks came within a hair’s breath of knocking out San Antonio. If the calls had gone the other way, the Sparks would be finalists but when you’re playing on an enemy court you have to win by enough so that the refs can’t tilt the table. It was still a great effort and for a while there, I really thought that the Sparks were going to go all the way.

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